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Lagoon - A shallow body of salt water separated from the sea by sand dunes or a coral reef.

Little Lagoon is a 10 miles long and 1/2 mile wide on the north side of the Gulf of Mexico on the Alabama coast. It is separated from the Gulf by a 1/2 mile wide strech of beach known in Gulf Shores as West Beach. Its brackish water is mix of overflow from the mostly fresh water Lake Shelby and salt water from the Gulf of Mexico that enters through the pass 3 miles west of Gulf Shores Parkway (St. Hwy. 59) under the Lee Callaway Bridge on West Beach Boulevard (St. Hwy. 182).

    Information on Public Accesses to Little Lagoon - Map
  1. Lagoon Pass Beach Access
  2. Lagoon Pier
  3. W. 13th St. Beach Access
  4. Wade Ward Nature Park
  5. Lagoon Park
  6. Jeff Friend Trail
  7. Pine Beach Trail
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